High speed Internet 4G LTE

4G Service… The first 4G network in Libya

Libyana Launches 4G LTE Pilot Services for a limited number of subscribers as a pilot phase in some main cities to ensure the best quality as a first step, and then constantly the coverage will continue to expend the surrounding areas.

With a 4G LTE network, you’ll experience:

  • Faster and improved download/upload data speeds.
  • Enjoy watching videos and listening to audio files in high quality without any interruption.
  • You can subscribe in 10 GB with high speed after you finish the free quota.

How to activate the free quota

To activate the free quota dial this code

You will get a free quota (4 GB) with LTE speed, its validity 30 days. For more information see the FAQ below.

The fastest network in Libya

Experience accelerated 4G LTE coverage when you use Libyana Network

* Despite all obstacles and setbacks, Libyana has launched the Fourth generation in order to provide services in high quality for its subscribers.
* This service is available in some regions and in order to get a good quality of this service the subscriber should be inside of the coverage area as shown on map below

4G Settings

Configure 4G on your phone

IOS Android

1- What Is 4G LTE?

The fourth generation of mobile network technology, 4G LTE gives you outstanding browsing and downloading speeds, superior voice services and more.

2- How do I know that my cell phone is supporting 4G service?

You can check the specification and status of you device through the mobile phone’s website.

3- Do I need to change my SIM card to get this service?

Your need USIM card to enjoy 4G service.

4- Does this technology available in the place I live in?

Libyana determine to provide this technology to every region in Libya, you can see the map above where you can check 4G coverage around your area. Also you can see 4G sign next to your signal bar.

5- When does the actual launch for 4G service?

The launch of service will be announced though our website and social media.

6- I receive an SMS but I don’t know how to activate the quota?

To activate the free quota dial this code *777*44#

7- I’ve consumed the free quota before expiry date, Can I subscribe again to the same package?

You cannot subscribe again to the same package, but if you want to enjoy 4G Speed you can subscribe to the monthly package (10 GB).

8- I was subscribed to one of the packages before I get the free quota, does this mean that I lost the quota of the old package? No, as long as the expiry date of the old package was not valid.

9 – I have subscribed to many packages, which one will be consumed first?

The package which has less days to valid, it consumed first except the free quota.
(the free quota has the priority to be used)

10 – what happened if the free quota has exhausted ?

If you want to enjoy 4G speed you can subscribe to the monthly package 10 GB, otherwise you will use the main packages if it’s still valid.

11 – How can I get 4G speed if I consumed 10GB?

If you were one of Libyana subscribers who have been selected to use 4G service, you can subscribe to 1000 MB with 4G speed.

12 – Can I get 4G speed if I subscribed to 50MB add-on package?

Yes, but only if you were one of Libyana subscribers who have been selected to use 4G service.

13 – If I consumed the whole quota will my balance be deducted?

  • Yes, if you were subscribed to one of the regular packages, you will receive a notification message before you consume the quota, and also you will receive another message once you consumed the whole quota.
  • Once you consumed all GBs that contained in the Internet package, the rat of consumed internet will be deducted with (0.075 LYD/1MB).
  • If you want to query about your quota dial this code *222#, you will see the whole packages you subscribed to if it still valid.

14 – I was selected to use 4G service and also I subscribed to monthly package 10 GB but I’m moving to area has no 4G coverage?

That’s fine, you will use the internet with normal speed, see 4G coverage map above.

15 – what happened to the quota if it’s expired?

- If it’s expired the quota will no longer exist . but if you were subscribed to any other packages you can use it if it still valid.

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